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Bruce Brian '57

April 2022

I recently had a great conversation with Bruce Brian. He and Linda have established permanent residency in Priest Lake, Idaho, after splitting time between there and the Villages in central Florida. We have reluctantly agreed that we are at the stage of life where we have Column A: The body parts that work, and Column B: The body parts that don’t work, and we pray that Column B wins. Bruce is bothered by issues affecting sensation in his feet and balance, which limit athletic activities, resulting in appropriate frustration. On the positive side, we talked for more than an hour, reminiscing about our times spent together at Gilman and Vanderbilt, where we both trained as residents. How reassuring it is to be able to recognize the good old days as they were and to be able to remember them as if they only occurred yesterday! It's a blessing.

reported by Frank Gluck '57


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