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Bucky McAdoo '62


Back on land in Bellingham, Washington, where he took advantage of the COVID lockdown to produce a 576-page guide book, “Profiles of Northwest Fungi.” How Bucky went from two-plus years in the Peace Corps in Niger to a mushroom expert is a story we will need to hear; his Peace Corps project was digging wells in N’Dunga, and, in a story that will be familiar to all of us who have been in government projects, his language training was Hausa, but in N’Dunga they spoke only Djerma. In retirement, Bucky is kept busy with his 1939 wooden sloop, “which is always rotting somewhere.” Two sons in LA, stepdaughter in Bellingham with two sons, and stepson in Ventura, California, with two sons. Currently working on two mushroom projects and getting back to painting. Bucky’s email handle is “lobovago,” meaning “wandering wolf”; fall-out from a five-decades story from his sailing time off the east coast of Central America.

reported by Van Wolf '62


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