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Charlie Moore '76


Laura and I have been spending a significantly larger amount of time in Florida with my mother these past three years, first due to COVID and now because we’ve found that we can work from here, while learning to play this very frustrating game of golf! Our son, Bryan ’12, returned from Shanghai where he’d spent two years living and working and joined us here as well. This past year, he became COO of a startup CEO Discovery, which has had a successful launch with good revenue already. He’s also our golf instructor. Like many of our age, we’re dealing with various health issues in our families and friends, supporting one another as best we can.

On a sunnier note, we had a wonderful time last August up at Squam Lake, New Hampshire, catching up with Frank and Pam Vecella and Laurey and Jinx Millspaugh. Laura, Bryan, and I also spent 10 days in Paris last July, learning about art, eating and drinking, and laughing, culminating in the wedding of our niece, Laura’s namesake. She is now expecting this summer. My sister’s younger daughter will be getting married on Church Island at Squam this coming summer, and her older sister is expecting this fall! We will be back in Baltimore this summer and hope to see many of you.


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