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Charlie Steinberg '76


As I celebrate the 47th anniversary of my Gilman Encounter Project, which has continued without interruption with the Orioles, Padres, Red Sox, Dodgers, Commissioner, and Red Sox again, I find myself happier than ever as President of the Worcester Red Sox in the newest creation of Larry Lucchino and Janet Marie Smith, Polar Park. All are welcome to enjoy a ballgame as my guest. And that’s not even my most important news: For the first time in my life, I have asked someone to marry me, and lo and behold, she said, “Yes!” Kara Lynch is a wonderful Worcester Public School teacher (English and fifth grade) with three beautiful children (18, 16, and 9), and she has been worth waiting for (all these years). Just amazing. Who else would enjoy talking about Gilman’s punctuation rules? Sending love from us to all.


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