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Charlie Wright '78


Charlie Wright summed up the year quite nicely, actually: “Last year has SUCKED,” he wrote. “I'm lonely and bored, as I suspect are most people.” Having gotten that off his chest, however, Charlie reports that he travelled to St. Lucia in May to help a British friend of his — a chum he met during his ninth grade year in Cambridge — deliver a sailboat to New York. He notes that his amazing mom and dad, for those who remember them fondly, are doing well on Wilmslow Road still. And, in continued defiance of the dastardly virus, Charlie and Karen are once again making plans to celebrate their 25th (now 26th) anniversary with a visit to Norway to see the Northern Lights; the first trip was scuttled thanks to the pandemic. God reise, Mr. and Mrs. Wright!

reported by Charlie Herndon '78


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