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Chris Hansen '73


My story arc is short. Returned from Brown to Baltimore for med school (JHU), then Cleveland/Case for residency, then back to Baltimore for fellowship in gastroenterology. Along the way we managed to raise three kids, now all off the payroll, but my two boys have moved to California, one in LA, the other north of San Diego. Yeah, nice weather, and they ain't coming back. My oldest, a daughter, is still here in Baltimore working as a therapist. But, she has noted the weather in California, so we will see. Anyway, our youngest has gifted us with two grandsons, so that is a draw for us, as well.

Gilman definitely taught me a lot. My favorite subject was physics, taught by the talented and pun-prone Mr. Porter. He single-handedly elevated my physics component on the new MCAT, and several interviewers inquired as to why that portion was 99th percentile when I was so obviously lacking in the other components. Never underestimate a good teacher's effects on learning.

In private practice, several teachers showed up as patients. I am confident they were as surprised to see me as I was to see them, but it was fun. Gilman must expunge our transcripts after a few years, or surely they would have reconsidered.

Our class is diverse, and when we were at Gilman it seemed we were all divided into jocks or nerds or some other simplistic label. It has been eye-opening and refreshing to see those labels melt away as we age and get back together. Some of us, or maybe most of us, actually turned out to be very interesting and thoughtful people. Didn't see that one coming.


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