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Chris Taylor '72

March 2024

This past winter, at Ted Trimble’s suggestion, a few of us started discussing a trip to Arizona for MLB Spring Training, an activity that we all felt would pay tribute to our late baseball-loving classmate, Alan Kaufmann. Over the weekend of March 7-11, Ted, Steuart Thomsen, James Brundige, Gordy Allen, and I met up in Phoenix to watch a few spring training games, hang out, have a few hot dogs and beers, and best of all, have a dinner cooked by Gordy and co-hosted by his wife, Maryann, in their home in the Phoenix area. The weekend got off to a grand start Friday night, when Steuart won the “Split the Pot Raffle” and pocketed a very nice sum (which discretion prevents me from describing as “exactly $3,000”). With that kind of cake in his pocket, Steuart was on a roll.

The next day, we headed out to American Family Fields to watch the Seattle Mariners steamroll the Milwaukee Brewers. Brewers pitchers gave up hard hit line drives all game long and clearly missed their former Cy Young Award winning pitcher (Corbin Burnes) whom they recently traded to the Orioles. That night we headed to dinner at Gordy’s where the menu included a delicious appetizer of roasted duck that Gordy had hunted and shot (along with Peter George, thank you for your marksmanship!), simply prepared with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. The entree was a green chile pork butt stew. Accompanied with a selection of wine and Gordy’s house-made bespoke recipe for Negroni’s, we were in hospitality heaven. Sitting around the table on Gordy and Maryann’s patio (our group set a temporary record as the largest crowd to be entertained at their relatively new home in the Phoenix area) we traded stories about Alan, Orioles baseball, the best class in Gilman history (Class of ’72), and pretty much anything else that would make us laugh.

On Sunday, Ted, Steuart and I went to another game, the Dodgers vs the Diamondbacks…for those of you who are AL specific fans, the Dodgers won the NL West division last year with a record of 100-62. The D’Backs finished 16 games behind them, then beat them in the NLCS. So revenge was in the air. In the bottom of the first, my namesake, Chris Taylor (in case you’ve forgotten) hit a Grand Slam HR and the Dodgers proceeded to bat around, scoring seven runs in the inning. Final score: 11-1…so the weekend started with a pay day, and ended with a pay back.

More importantly it was a great hangout….so much fun that we are already planning next year’s Cactus League outing. All are welcome!

Steuart Thomsen, Chris Taylor, Ted Trimble, Gordy Allen, and James Brundige at Gordy and Maryann’s Saturday night

Chris Taylor, Steuart Thomsen, and Ted Trimble at the Dodgers/D’Backs game Sunday afternoon


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