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Daniel Stuelpnagel '83


I currently have my fifth feature screenplay, a fast-paced drama, in preliminary development with a startup production company based in Los Angeles. That and five bucks will get me a cup of coffee but we are hoping to get to a green light and bring it to the screen.


Fortunately I wrapped up an exciting year of exhibiting with art fairs back in November, great shows in D.C., Miami art week, Los Angeles, and NYC Soho, as well as delivering and installing several corporate collections and commissions; I’m approaching a thousand paintings after 20 years and more than a hundred exhibitions, now 2020 is a good time to be in the studio and reinvent; I just started outlining my second novel, which will be a fun sci-fi space-race/gold-rush comedy thriller epic, it’s great to have a tiger by the tail; I was recently invited to participate in more art fairs internationally, Germany, Italy, etc., but obviously that now may have to wait quite a few years, so I’ll stay home and work, and I wish everyone well, safe, and healthy!


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