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Danny Mooney '97


Danny Mooney and Stu Wyeth, after years of preparation, are finally launching the Zebra Lacrosse League (ZLL). It's an annual lacrosse game played on the salt flats in Utah in mid-August. The game is played by retired lacrosse referees. Rules of the game are as follows: Slashing, spearing, wrap checking, cross checking, tripping, unnecessary roughness, and crease violations are all allowed and encouraged. Chuck Baker and Keith Baker have signed on to commentate. Should be a blast to watch!


Danny Mooney has made official news and moved to Charlottesville during COVID summer. Danny’s wife, Evan, is an incredible artist and they have somewhere between four and eight children, you know those Irish! Moondog has stayed on board with Brown Advisory and works in their C’ville office. Danny and Stuart Wyeth continue to talk about coaching youth lacrosse in the south and the best practices for recruiting young talent to schools for the sole purpose of just playing sports, a technique called Bakering.

reported by Will Lanahan '97


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