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David Knipp '82


Somehow, David Knipp managed to obtain a copy of Tom’s email to me, and, channeling his best R. Bruce Daniels persona, commented as follows:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Waxter,

I am happy with the progress Tom has made with his writing this marking period. His sentence structure is sound, and he seems to have a much better grasp of basic punctuation, rudimentary vocabulary and introductory grammar. Tom, though, continues still to forget to include critical details in his writing. For example:

  • What are Taylor Classen, George Doub and Eddie Villamater doing these days? “Running into them” does not tell the reader very much.
  • How was Jeff Duke? Did Tom have the chance to reminisce with Jeff and share any grappling or jostling memories?
  • Can you tell the reader a bit more about Tim Krongard? Such as, did Tim enjoy the Duels as much as Tom did? Tom should be encouraged to keep up the good work. If his improvement in my class continues for the last six weeks of the school year, then I am confident that he can attend Encounter and summer school will no longer be a requirement.

Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

Yours truly,

  1. Bruce Daniels

Tom issued the following reply: “I always suspected David Knipp and Mr. Daniels were the same person. I never saw them together and they look so similar. Now Mr. Daniels is correct as my email left many holes. Taylor Classen is busy with Delbert Adams Construction Group where he is a Partner and COO. George Doub is still working as an admiralty and maritime lawyer in Baltimore so maybe he has some insights on the Dali hitting the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Eddie Villamater has been busy as a professor of anesthesiology and traveling the east coach to watch his son Ethan play defensive midfield for The Generals of W&L. Jeff Duke was amazing. And while he has trouble hearing with those cauliflower ears, he still looked strong. We did, in fact, have plenty of time to share war stories from 1978. Timmy Krongard also enjoyed catching up with Coach Duke and we had a great time talking about our own wrestling year together back in 1981/1982. We missed Billy Marshall, Chris Alevizatos and Shawn Larson. I neglected to include Tim Naylor and Dirck Bartlett. Heavens!!! Tim and his wife Libby are getting the house ready for the wedding of the spring of 2024. His son Killian is getting married and the ceremony is at the house. Tim and Libby’s antique appraisal business is ongoing and always entertaining. One of Dirck and Christy Bartlett’s twins, Katherine, is getting married as well down on the Shore. Dirck and Christy still living outside Easton in a home that has been in the family for a few generations. Finally, I recommend David/Mr. Daniels best hold his tongue or I will reveal his many dirty secrets!”

reported by Brian Doud '82


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