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David Levy '85

March 2023

David recently published in the peer reviewed journal Classical World where David has formerly published 2 previous reviews on Ancient Magic, Sorcery, and Witchcraft along with reviews of Ancient Greek theater (Aeschylus, Sophicles, Euripides) in Hebrew Translation, and Cyrus the Great. David's most recent review is titled: Antiquity and Enlightenment Culture: New Approaches and Perspectives.


February 2023

David B. Levy published yet again in Classical World adding to his former five reviews there on topics such as Cyrus the Great, Magic and Wizardry in Ancient Greece and Rome, translating Aeschylus-Sophicles-Euripides into Hebrew, etc. in the recent edition: Classical World, Johns Hopkins University Press, Volume 116, Number 2, Winter 2023 at David continues also to publish in other academic Journals such as The Journal of Religion, Jewish Film & New Media, and a host of peer-reviewed project muse pubs, which have included in the past notes: Harvard Journal of musicology, The Review of Higher Education, Shofar, Portal: Libraries and the Academy, La revue canadienne de science d'information et de la biblioetheconomie, Configurations, Journal of Jewish Identities, Journal of Magic-Ritual-& Witchcraft, Information and Culture, Journal of Jewish sociology, Journal of History of Religion, H-Judaic, H-Holocaust, Women in Judaism, Interdisciplinary Studies, Journal of Medicine and allied Sciences, and many other forums, etc.

February 2022

Video lecture publications by David B. Levy [PhD; MLS] can be found on YouTube here. For other print publications, find him on LinkedIn, as well as Touro College Libraries and Touro Scholar.

March 2020

David B. Levy Ph.D. was recently featured in UMCP Alumni Spotlight, which notes David’s forthcoming 10-volume set, three volumes published so far.

A tincture of some of David’s other publications can be found here and here.


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