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David Seiler '74

May 2023

Our Class of ’74 annual holiday luncheon was hosted by AC George and Clinton Daly at the ROCA organization on December 21, 2023. Able to attend were Jamie MurrayCourt JenkinsTom GamperAndy Murray, and Doug Nelson. AC and Clinton have supported ROCA (Spanish for rock) with its special mission to reach young men ages 16-24 most likely to be victims or perpetrators of gun violence, aligning closely with the Baltimore Police Department and other criminal justice partners. Founded in Massachusetts by Baltimore native Molly Baldwin, the program, established here in 2018, features unique methods, a relentless approach, and evidenced-based results.

Our Class of 1974 has done it again, surpassing all expectations for a reunion gathering at Gilman. We did amazing things as a class in 1974, and now our 50th reunion weekend 50 years later has established an incredible legacy, with high bars for attendance, participation in giving, and total reunion gift amount to benefit Gilman. Our class has donated an astoundingly generous $375,000 to Gilman School, a record as the largest amount ever gifted by a 50th reunion to the Gilman Fund in the reunion year, and 92% of our class participated with that donation. All of these were a culmination of the significant work of the Reunion Committee chairs (AC George, Peter Bowe, Bruce Cameron, Marty Himeles), the Reunion Committee (Doug Antaya, Andy Brooks, Mike Cromwell, Andy Felser, Mac Finney, Howard Hill, Court Jenkins, Bill Nesbitt, Greg Pinkard, John Rice, Jock Whittlesey, Marco Zarbin), and the Gilman Advancement Office (Mary Ellen Porter and others).

The Committee and the Advancement Office planned a three-day event, and especially heartfelt was the Memorial Service led by Reverend Kevin Mathews to remember the four classmates we have lost. Recollections about Thomas Hardie were shared by A.C. George, about Travis Emery by Peter Bowe, about Chase Ridgely by John Rice, and about Ad Duer by Bill Fritz. Kevin included a prayer for those we knew could not attend.

Of course, the Reunion would not have been such a huge success without the attendance of so many of us traveling to 5407 Roland Avenue. I do not have the words to describe how many of us felt to talk with 54 classmates we have not seen in a few years and especially those not seen since our 1974 graduation!

Just wonderful to learn what we have done over those years and what we are doing now.

Here is a brief overview of what our 54 classmates are up to now.

David Albright has a part-time legal practice in Baltimore and spends winters in Florida.

Doug Antaya works with Blackberry encryption software and enjoys life in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Walter Baetjer retired from building craft wooden boats and is living in Rhode Island.

Peter Baldwin retired as a Professor of History at UCLA and continues philanthropy work with Arcadia Foundation in New York City.

Ben Ballard retired from the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory and is living on Cape Cod.

Bob Bindeman continues to work as a business entrepreneur in Baltimore County and is active with his grandchildren.

Peter Bowe (Co-chair 50th Reunion) continues philanthropy work with the Bowe-Stewart foundation, is on the Board of Trustees for Gilman School and for the Center for Urban Families, writes the DredgeWire newsletter, and is living (and sailboat racing) in Annapolis, Florida, and Chicago.

Andy Braiterman continues working as an attorney heading the tax group at Hughes, Hubbard, and Reed in New York and enjoys photography of the birds in the wilds around the city.

Andy Brooks continues as President of the Board of Trustees of Gilman School and the Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Maryland Center for History and Culture, among other volunteer work. We as a class are proud of his hard work and commitment to Gilman over these many years and especially now as he heads the Board!

Kimball Byron retired as an American Airlines pilot and now works training new commercial pilots with the company Flight Safety International.

Bruce Cameron (Co-chair of 50th Reunion) remains active as the Executive Chair of Berkshire Capital Securities in New York and spends time in South Carolina.

Jules Chisolm is working part-time in the nursing field in Bellevue, Washington, with plans for retirement and travel soon.

Randy Clark is retired in Baltimore from past consulting work in public relations.

David Clarke retired as an attorney with DLA Piper, lives in Ellicott City, Maryland, and enjoys chess and continued travel.

Mike Cromwell has a website exhibiting his skills in photography from extensive travel over the years and continues working as founder and partner of WWC Capital Group and a Director at PreferredSystems Solutions, among others.

Clinton Daly is an active supporter of the ROCA organization and is Past Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Maryland Center for History and Culture, spending time in Baltimore and Gibson Island.

Steve Dembo continues as an instructor of photography at UMBC and is a happy grandfather.

Steve DeVeas is retired living in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Dave Emala is General Counsel for Burnett & Co/STX and an active supporter of Squashwise, a nonprofit in Baltimore focusing on city youth development and educational enrichment programs.

Andy Felser continues his legal practice as partner in a legal firm in Denver, Colorado, and is an actor in local plays.

Mac Finney continues a 40-year career as cameraman, photographer, and storyteller with WBAL-TV in Baltimore and enjoys living on a farm in Baltimore County.

Mike Fisher retired in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, is the treasurer on his condominium board, and is singing in two choirs.

Bill Fritz continues working in IT and enjoys living in historic Annapolis.

Tom Gamper is senior architect with Schamu/Machowski/Patterson in Baltimore, enjoys fly-fishing, and actively supports Trout Unlimited and the Maryland State Parks group.

A.C. George (Co-chair 50th Reunion) supports ROCA in Baltimore, has various volunteer activities, and spends time in Georgetown, South Carolina.

Jack Gray is the Deputy Chief Credit Officer at a specialty insurance company in New York, is a collector of books and photographs, and is curating an exhibit of these in 2026.

Jim Heyssel is retired in Baltimore and contemplating IT consulting work in the area.

Howard Hill continues as a transportation analyst in the office of the U.S. Secretary of Transportation and is involved with the design of the new railway tunnel to replace the aging Howard Street tunnel in Baltimore City.

Marty Himeles (Co-chair 50th Reunion) continues as managing partner for the Zuckerman-Spaeder legal firm in Baltimore. His volunteer activity includes board member positions with the Associated Jewish Federation and pro bono legal work. He is a pickleball convert from tennis.

Courtenay Jenkins continues as Senior Director at Cushman-Wakefield, an international commercial realty company, and is happy managing and working on the family farm in Butler and sailing in Maine.

Dave Liu is a professor of sociology at Harrisburg Area Community Colleges, and the recent purchase of horse has him now competing in both equestrian events along with dog agility trials.

Jim Lynn is a part-time volunteer educator at the Baltimore Museum of Industry and a happy


Reverend Kevin Matthews is an Episcopal rector for a church in Greensboro, North Carolina, and has grown a beard to finalize his retirement this summer. Thanks again to him for organizing the memorial service in remembrance of our four classmates.

Lock McShane lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and travels for work in theater lighting design.

Brad Mudge continues teaching at the University of Colorado, is writing another book, and enjoys hiking the Colorado mountains.

George Murnaghan continues as a board member of Lex Eat Together, a volunteer community organization addressing hunger and food insecurity in Massachusetts. He travels to his family farm in Butler, Maryland.

Andy Murray is retired in Baltimore, and enjoys gardening, golf, and traveling with wife Kikko.

Jamie Murray is managing the family farm in Butler, Maryland, takes heli-skiing trips, and continues to travel.

Doug Nelson retired from the Johns Hopkins University Peabody Institute and is a happy grandfather.

Bill Nesbitt is a half-time senior project manager at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, sings in choirs and at Camden Yards Orioles games, is a vestry member at the Church of the Good Shepherd, and is an avid yoga practitioner.

Greg Pinkard is a principal in Pinkard Properties, headed by his daughter Katherine, and practices Qigong and Tai Chi with wife Mary, a certified instructor of both disciplines.

John Reisfeld continues to work as a copywriter, copyeditor, and creative strategist in Baltimore.

John Rice retired from the business he founded, Counter Collective, and spends time on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and in Maine.

Dave Rich is a senior recruiter with Korn Ferry and lives in Baltimore.

Stephen Richards continues to work as a counselor for the Harford County Public School system and plans to stay involved for a few more years.

Todd Sacktor M.D. is a neurologist with clinical and academic appointments; his research in mechanisms of long-term memory identified a key protein that is the first component involved in the persistence of memory.

Stephen Secor continues his work in healthcare in the Baltimore area and celebrated a recent marriage! 

David Seiler is the Senior Director for a specialty manufacturing company in Baltimore and continues playing doubles tennis.

Ron Smoot remains working hard and active in the Virginia Beach area and is a deacon in his local church.

Zach Stith is mostly retired in southern PA and enjoys time with his family and grandchildren.

Hal Stockbridge M.D. retired from public health administration with a role with Healthcare For All-Washington in Washington State.

Bennett Sweren M.D. continues work as an anesthesiologist in Baltimore and remains competitive in local men’s league tennis and in national doubles tennis tournaments.

Marco Zarbin M.D. is an ophthalmologist in clinical practice and Chief of the Department of Ophthalmology at Rutgers University Hospital and at the Medical School of New Jersey and enjoys time with his family.

Where in the world is Jock Whittlesey? Jock remains in Jupiter, Florida, as the part-time editor of the Human Rights Report. He is writing part two of his book “Under the Keel, a Guidebook to the North Atlantic” and is planning more travel with wife Monique.

Our best wishes to classmates who could not attend for various reasons. We talked about you as well, and we look forward to seeing many of us in five years!


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