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Dawson Farber '65


I also had a nice email from Dawson Farber. He just wasn’t satisfied with having sold his marina business in 2016 and being retired, so he purchased Cape Cod Colonial Tables in Chatham. A young couple was leasing the business and property, plus a home. They were due to be evicted by a New York developer, who was going to level the land, but Dawson said, “Not on my watch!” So he saved the Fullmers’ growing business and found something to keep him busy. When the Fullmers’ children contracted COVID, Dawson jumped in while the family was quarantining and, by the way, sold $150,000 of custom chestnut tables. Dawson is also building a second home on his property for his youngest son and his family. His son and family live in Roanoke and, much like the Farber family living in Baltimore in the way past, like to escape heat and humidity, so they summer on the Cape. Dawson’s son retired from Pepsico at age 43, and Dawson admits that the son is “Way smarter than me!”

reported by William Baker '65

Photo from 2021: Dawson Farber, III poses with his six grandchildren, ages 5-18, two sons, and their spouses at their home in Cape Cod last August.


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