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Dick Emory '59


Dick Emory continues to pitch his book, “Fighting Pollution and Climate Change” on his environmental career and he has added a video as well, definitely worth a look. I am sure Dick can help you find one. He continues to get high praise from readers, one of the latest being Don Hooker. He has said he would like to be a special advisor to the Climate Treaty. Maybe with his crowd back in he can. He and Donna continue to spend half the year in Boynton Beach, Florida, the rest in Cross Keys.


Dick Emory has not slowed down in his senior years and particularly with his favorite subject: the environment. He has recently published a book entitled “Fighting Pollution and Climate Change: An EPA Veteran’s Guide to How You Can Join in Saving Our Life on Planet Earth,” which addresses diverse issues of environmental protection and management. It has received excellent reviews, including a Kirkus review and eight five-star reviews on Amazon, nothing less, and the following from our press star, Bill Schmick: 

“I urge all of you to read Dick Emory’s book, “Fighting Pollution and Climate Change.” It is easily the most readable and, for me informative, work I’ve read on the subject and is doubly interesting for what we learn about Dick’s life and career: 30+ years with the EPA that led him to becoming the agency’s top enforcement lawyer for pollution crimes and then to service worldwide advising other nations on U.S. strategies for achieving and enforcing clean air and water. Catching and then prosecuting polluters, especially wealthy and politically influential companies, isn’t easy. But the stories Dick tells about how he did this are fascinating. He also gives an insider’s view of the dicey, sometimes nasty, politics within the government and the fights he waged to protect the agency’s integrity and its budget. Not easy — and today, never more important given the current administration’s efforts to roll back regulations and gut the agency’s mission. I can’t recommend this book more highly.” See

Dick has just recently engaged in a Zoom teaching event at Gilman based around his experience, which was much appreciated according to teachers Tim Lauer and Frank Fitzgibbon, and he may do another this fall.

Dick and Donna spend six months a year in Boynton Beach, Fla., and have extended this year due to the virus.


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