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Doug Dobbins '71


Your secretary last had the pleasure of Doug Dobbin’s company with John Deford many years ago at an O’s game. Retired now for 10 years on the Eastern Shore after life service as a veterinarian, Doug is enjoying “a rural lifestyle.” He was happily painting oil canvases when, in early April 2023, an email from the principal at the Caroline County High School called Doug in a panic, to substitute teach three sections of 25 freshman Spanish 1 students (!). Doug’s first response, to himself, was “Aunque no tengo ningunas ganas de hacerlo, lo haré. ¡Dios mío!” (Although I have no desire to do so, I will. Good heavens!) But he agreed and is looking happily to a June 7 end to this “new short-lived career.” Bless you, Doug, for being the fine soul I remember!


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