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Erwin Hosono '78


Speaking of educators, it was great to hear from Erwin Hosono, whose exploits recently selling his house in Palo Alto, California, I’d been following on Facebook. When he’s not making periodic angel investments for startups, Erwin has been volunteering his time and talents for an education nonprofit that teaches critical and creative thinking to children. Can’t have enough of that, Erwin. He’s also working on his guitar skills and has sheltered in place during the pandemic with his family. He reports that he’s run into Mitchell Brown, who with his lovely wife visited during the Browns’ son’s years at Stanford. He and Mitch actually once took in a Ravens vs. 49’ers game together. And Erwin says he also enjoyed the 2019 CFB Championship game, Clemson vs. Alabama, with Marc Paul during one of Marc’s west coast jaunts.

reported by Charlie Herndon '78


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