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Fife Symington '64


Fife Symington tells us that “I’m happy to be a COVID survivor! Two days after my first Pfizer jab, I came down with the virus. The virus then proceeded to infect everyone in our household (five of us)...none too serious but pretty uncomfortable. The interesting question was whether I needed the second booster, having defeated the virus (active antibodies at work)? My medical circle was divided but I went forward with the booster and had no reaction. My cooking school, the Arizona Culinary Institute, now in its 21st year was deemed an “essential service” because we help feed the homeless. Thus, we stayed open throughout the pandemic with just a few virus incidences. At one point we tested 90 people in one morning (PCR) fearing a flare up. We have always run the place like a hospital in terms of hygiene and it paid off. With a PPP loan and increasing enrollment we will survive this challenging time. On the personal front, my five children and 11 grandchildren are prospering. Ann and I, after 43 years of marriage, are getting divorced. I view the change as positive and necessary as we both want to pursue different interests (and have for some time). I wish my hardy classmates good health!!”


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