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Frank Vecella '76


I just hit 65 a few days ago and dutifully submitted my application for Medicare. (And here, I always thought Medicare was only for old people!) Pam and I are still enjoying our new scenery, consisting of winter and spring months in the Florida Keys, and summer and fall months at our little lake house on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. We just follow the perfect weather all year long! As I write this, Pam is back in Dallas visiting our daughter Emily and our precious grandson (Hudson), now about 16 months old. Son Frank is a pilot, and he and his wife currently live in Bend, Oregon. So between the four of us, we’ve pretty much got most every corner of the country covered.

I do appreciate that ours is a class that can share views on potentially sensitive topics with one another, confident in the knowledge that everyone’s viewpoints will be respected, regardless of whether we happen to agree with the expressed opinions or not. For that, I think we can all be very thankful for the wonderful education and character development that Gilman bestowed upon us.


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