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Fred White '77

May 2022

FAMILY UPDATE: My wife, Chadijah, and I are preparing to celebrate 40 years of marriage this coming June. We are still here, near Baltimore. I lost my mother back in 2018, but my father is still going strong as he approaches 86. Our daughter, Alicia, retired from her professional career performing with a ballet company in South Carolina after stints in NYC with Alvin Ailey where she graduated from Fordham University. She decided to return to college to study nursing. COVID has been tough on her, but we have supported her the best we can. She moved back to Baltimore with her children, so we are playing the grandparents role. Our grandchildren are Antonio (10), Abram (6) and Aria (20 months). The 10-year-old challenges Grandpa to race. I’m glad to report, I am still champ, but yelling “look over there” before yelling “go” will only last but so long. LOL. Our son, Fred III, currently works with a company building electronics since graduating from the University of Maryland. He is currently engaged to be married to a wonderful woman named Margaret. She is pursuing her masters in social work. My brother Joe (two years behind me at Gilman) has retired to BelAir, Maryland. He recently became the grandfather of a beautiful little girl.

CAREER UPDATE: I am semi-retired but still doing work for the software company I have been with. Looking to wind down over the next couple of years. My wife was home from teaching after COVID shut schools down. She decided it was time to retire and we both assisted with virtual learning for our grandsons until they returned to school.

FAVORITE BINGE: I get to watch how many ways the wheels on the bus go round and round around town. AAAAHHHHHH! Our little Aria loves it though.


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