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Geoff Greenblatt '97


Geoff Greenblatt and his wife, Carly, hunkered down in Brooklyn for the past year with their dog, Lola. Geoff began work at a company that makes video games for doctors; when he needs a good laugh, he thinks of Bobby Moran’s senior speech (Geoff's words, not mine).


Geoff Greenblatt continues to work in the gaming and e-sports world as a brand strategist (ownership of Blockbuster Video never came to be for better or worse).

He is living in Brooklyn with his wife, Carly, and their dog, Lola; he stands out in Brooklyn for his lack of tattoos (at least that can be seen), and has replaced his beard with simple facial scruff, but is trying to blend in more with a work-in-progress faux hawk!

reported by Will Lanahan '97


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