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George Doub '82

May 2024

George Doub writes: “As always, great to hear from you. I am in Los Angeles, on my way back to Baltimore from a lawyers’ conference in Tokyo, Japan, where I spent a week with Rudiger Breitenecker ’83. I keep in fairly close touch with Glenn Lacher and Billy Martien, who now lives in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I also see Chris Alevizatos as well as Taylor Classen and Mitch Ford. Eddie Villamater and I play golf on occasion, and I am hoping to play golf with Tom Waxter soon. Timmy Naylor and Frank Bonsal are neighbors of mine but I have not seen them for a while. I have also seen Joe Shin a couple of times while in South Korea. My kids are all on their own. My oldest is in Baltimore. My daughter is a lawyer in Los Angeles and my youngest son is in Miami, Florida. Rebecca and I are back and forth between Los Angeles and Baltimore.”

reported by Brian Doud '82


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