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George Murnaghan '74


Accolades to George Murnaghan and his outstanding outreach ministry efforts with Lex Eat Together, supporting those in need of food, spirit, and camaraderie. George’s work with his team, 200 volunteers, a board, and a pandemic requiring significant adaptability, is exemplary humanitarian, “on the ground” inspiring outreach to those most in need. I hope all copied on this study, yes study, more detail on Lex Eat Together’s website ( and support it with donations going forward too. Outreach: how might one or we give back, help out, assist, and support is core for our class of doers, and this annual gathering reminds us of our responsibility as citizens. George’s presentation of the mission and daily work was terrific, and we were all so appreciative of talk and results so humbly presented. Inspired we are! Thank you!”

reported by David Seiler '74


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