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George Urban '53


George “Pope” Urban reports from beautiful Silver Spring, Maryland, that he and Alicia have found considerable respite in their Deep Creek Lake vacation home. Fully vaxxed after several weeks of battling, George is “giving back” by volunteering to give shots, having experienced a run of COVID-19 through one of his daughters’ families. All are OK. Bert and Tania Muecke in Berkley Heights, New Jersey, are keeping the “Covid 15” at bay by making themselves go for a hike almost every day along the trails in the Lenape Nation Reservation near their property. Being only 25 miles from NYC, the Mueckes often visit and enjoy walking The Big Apple and Lower Manhattan. Bert commented that they were actually stunned by the almost serene atmosphere of the usually bustling harbor as a result of our enforced distancing.


From Silver Spring, Md., George Urban writes that he and Alicia are coping with the virus as well as a spate of difficult family illnesses and losses by reading real books and planning for better things ahead.

reported by Pierre Bouscaren '53


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