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George Ward '65


Ann and I are enjoying life in Milton, Delaware, and continuing to volunteer for Village Volunteers and traveling. We drive old(er) folks for the Village, taking them to the doctor, dentist, PT, hair appointments, etc. The folks are so grateful and we realize we’ll need this service sooner than we want to contemplate. Our recent travels took us on a casino excursion to West Virginia in the fall of 2022. Our blackjack skills wowed ‘em in the Mountain State, where we also toured a coal mine in Weirton and saw a field of what-the-hell cows with big, wide white stripes around the middle of their bodies. We learned they are Belted Galloways, aka Belties, beef cows that give Angus a run for their money. We also returned to Baltimore to attend the 75th anniversary of WMAR’s being on the air. It was great seeing a lot of former coworkers and sharing some of the funny things that happened while working.


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