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Haftan Eckholdt '83

May 2024

Best Reindeer Steak: Jens and Ulrika, Peppar Peppar, Uppsala. A long-awaited meal with Jens Haggstrom and his wife, Ulrika, last spring that included a campus tour and full status update on their two sons. Best Frog Legs: Felipe Albuquerque and Oscar, Nathans, Coney Island location only. While Felipe’s oldest son was touring colleges, his youngest chose Brooklyn for his un-college tour, which allowed me and Oscar to cross the Sling Shot from our bucket lists. Best Wine: Tony Foreman, Milton Inn, Sparks. Lunching with Tony is always a treat for a bottle of something that could never happen otherwise, along with topics that are never discussed otherwise. Best Paella: Michael and Eri, chez Haftan, Brooklyn. Michael Lewis is at Hunter College along with my husband, so we have regular cookovers, and this most recent was another long lovely night in a list of long lovely nights. Best Chicken Liver: covered under NDA. And finally, for all of you I apparently did not dine with this past year, I cannot wait to see you again!”


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