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Hap Cooper '77

May 2022

FAMILY UPDATE: The Coopers are great. On impulse, we bought a house on Nantucket during the depths of COVID and have really loved being up there as much as possible. It’s one place that has the power to suck the kids back. Jen is still the McDonogh learning specialist and has launched a side business helping non-McDonogh families navigate the complex set of challenges facing students with learning differences (—check it out. Becca (28) is marrying Matt Rees (USNA ’17) in June after a COVID-imposed year postponement (after which we’re flying to France for the wedding of George Brush’s daughter, Somers). Becca is the new business manager at The Tiger Inn in Princeton, and Matt is teaching at the Naval Academy and an LSM for Chaos in the PLL. They closed on a house in Annapolis last week. Rachel (24) is assisting a film producer in Los Angeles. They recently completed Cruella and are now working on Batgirl. I’m looking forward to seeing her and bf Matt Maeder (PU ’19) at Princeton Reunions in May. I will shortly write my last tuition check to Stanford, as Julia (22) is poised to graduate in June. We had a great father-daughter 14-day cross country road trip taking her car to Palo Alto in August. I’m trying to figure out how to pull off Julia’s graduation, a three-day consulting gig in NYC and Becca’s wedding all in the same week:)

CAREER UPDATE: I started Prospect Street Consulting in 2007 to deliver sales skills training and process consulting to sales organizations (mostly financial services and healthcare companies) — and am still at it! COVID slowed things down as we had to retool from live to virtual training, but companies are going back live/hybrid this year. Facing a new mortgage, a wedding and a final year of tuition, I must say that I can’t get back on the road soon enough! Who among you knows somebody running a sales operation? Let me know :)

FAVORITE BINGE: I just blew through the latest season of “Ozark” (a Fritz Haller recommendation) and 1883 “Tombstone” (a Stu Gray Recommendation). Lots of people getting shot. Jen prefers “The Gilded Age,” in which 1880s high society women shoot meaningful glances at each other for an hour straight.

CRAZIEST THING GOING ON: I recently hunted a Russian boar with a bow and am heading to Canada in May in search of a black bear. My wife says I can’t bring anything home. Hmmm, we’ll see.


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