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Hap Cooper '77

May 2024

Of all ironies, Jennifer and I are in our sixth year living in faculty housing at McDonogh School — it’s a pretty amazing campus. Stu Gray and I hike the streams and lake pretty regularly. Jen is in her 14th year running learning support — helping kids with learning differences, ADHD, anxiety, executive function challenges, concussions, etc. She also started a consulting practice on the side to help students/parents outside McDonogh make a gameplan, find the right tutors, get extended time on standardized tests, coordinate between resources, establish priorities, and create a budget. She also serves as QB to oversee the process and keep everything on track.

Our eldest daughter, Rebecca (30), married Matt Rees in 2021 and they had a baby boy, Mason, last June (this grandparent gig is awesome). Rebecca is the business manager for the Tiger Inn at Princeton University and Matt (Naval Academy ’17) just finished his six-year stint as a surface warfare officer and is looking to get into finance (any ideas?). Matt also just retired from the Whipsnakes of the PLL as an ALL-STAR LSM and was clocked with the second fasted shot in the league.

Our middle daughter, Rachel (26), is working for the Chairman of Lionsgate TV in LA as she continues her quest to become a film producer. She and her bf — also named Matt — are moving out of student housing at UCLA as he finishes law school and moves on to Sullivan & Cromwell. She was recently promoted another step further away from the admin level where everyone starts and one step closer to the creative role where she will really have fun.

And our youngest, Julia (24), is living in the Marina District of San Francisco and working for Tesla in Palo Alto. She isn’t saving much money, but she surely seems to be getting around. I saw Insta coverage of her at Stagecoach in Palm Springs last weekend. A week earlier, we spent a day together in London, which she was passing through on the way to a Ball at Oxford University. And I’ll see her again in Florida next week, where she’ll be helping to conduct a clinic for aspiring lacrosse goalies. Next month, we’ll see her on Nantucket where she is hosting her McDonogh and Stanford buddies for some beach time.

I’m still running Prospect Street Consulting, through which I do sales training, coaching, and consulting for companies of all shapes and sizes all over the place (except, apparently, Baltimore). Jen and I spend as much time as we can helping look after young Mason, which is a big change for us, having had all girls. We also get up to Nantucket whenever we can. If you’re on the Island, please give me a call (203-273-3700).

BUCKET LIST: Next summer, the Coopers and Grays are doing a 19-day Viking cruise to knock Norway, Scotland, and Ireland off the list. I still need to do Africa — preferably with the whole family. Can any of you recommend a mind-blowing African adventure? I also have to force myself to sit down and write the book (PRIMAL SELLING — or Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Selling You Forgot in Kindergarten). I’m still easily distr


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