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Harry Baetjer '66


I decided after receiving Rick’s communication to go back five years and figure out what had happened since our last reunion and was surprised at all that had happened. So, here goes.

I was still working at Tower Hill School when last we gathered, but I decided the next year after 47years at the school that the time had come to retire. I had been lucky enough to have had five major changes of position during my time including a tour as Head of School; however, it was pretty unique to be at one place all that time. Retiring certainly did make it easier to go to see our oldest son and his family in Italy twice more before they came home in the spring of 2018 at the end of his tour at the embassy in Rome. It is pretty nice to be able to go to Rome, have a place to stay and a daughter-in-law, Jessica, who plans out trips using their car. In three trips during their posting, we were in Rome, Tuscany, and the south of Italy. What a way to travel! They got home just in time as their second child, Aurelia, was born in June a week after her dad got back to the States. Mom had come earlier, but their house was still rented, so Aurelia arrived while they and son, Jackson, were staying with Caryl and me. There certainly were memories from long ago with a newborn in the house. While oldest, Patrick, was abroad, he had to make one trip home to attend the wedding of his brother in October 2017. Sean and Linda’s wedding was a great event, and they made the COVID year of 2020 a bit brighter when their son, Calvin, was born last December. Throw in a trip by rail across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto with a stop in Jasper and Banff in the summer of 2019 and a 50th wedding anniversary this spring. I also had the chance two summers ago to spend the day with Ted and Becky Reynolds and Mike and Linda Boland. So it has been pretty busy since I saw you last. I hope all are well.


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