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Herb Tinley '59

April 2022

Herb Tinley and Betty have settled in nicely to their new home in Huntsville, Texas, where they are close to her son, after many years in Florida near Ft. Myers, where they have been active in the cruise business, successfully setting up and accompanying client groups on trips. They have visited a large number of places around the world. They did a January trip in the Caribbean with a music group. They have a very nice cruise planned to Lisbon in September, which Tom Ahern will join. Herb has promoted Portugal as the location of some fine cruises.

Herb has been fortunate to have a good W&L friend who lives in Atlanta, has tickets to the Masters each year, and invited Herb to come this year, as he has previously, and for closing day! Herb has a daughter in Atlanta who attended Saturday with Herb’s friend’s daughter, both of whom also went to W&L.

reported by Chip Markell '59


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