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Hunt Brawley '80


My daughter, Maddie, graduated from Duquesne in Pittsburgh and just finished her internship in music therapy at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in D.C. She just got a job at Streamwood Behavioral Center outside of Chicago. Not bad during a pandemic! I will be coming to Baltimore May 7 and then will head down to DC to help her move.

I am turning into the Marietta Hippodrome Hunchback, having been sequestered in the closed Peoples Bank Theatre for more than a year. I have survived by eating the theatre's supply of concession candy and have polished off our entire supply of wine and beer. Hey, I didn't want it to spoil!!! Semi-delirious, I wander the corridors of an empty theatre and have nightmare visions of small children chanting, “Redrum, Redrum!’


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