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Jared Spahn '91


From time to time across my social media feeds, clips from “Saturday Night Live” will come across the screen. Recently, I saw a skit that starred Molly Shannon trying out for a dance ensemble. While her character Sally O’Malley rolls around the stage with the younger actors, the comedic theme is that she is obviously much older than the rest of the group, and she ends each dance routine with the exclamation, “And I’m Fifty!” While I may have enjoyed laughing at this bit when it came out in 1999, now that I have reached 50 I am not sure I find it as funny anymore. But that may also be because my back hurts.

I was very fortunate to have Tim Scott and Trent Zivkovich and their spouses join my wife and me on a surprise trip to Jamaica to celebrate my 50th birthday. We spent several rum-infused days trying to convince our wives that we were once cool, but none of us were successful. Thanks, Tim and Trent for the incredible surprise and for continuing to be my best friends.


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