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Jeb Saunders '82


I spoke to Jeb Saunders to invite him to the reunion. Unfortunately, due to family obligations, our class president was unable to attend. Jeb continues his role as special deputy attorney general, North Carolina Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Division where he assists seniors who are victims of fraud and files civil actions against businesses and individuals engaged in unfair and deceptive trade practices. Jeb sent in the following: “You may like this poem by Rick Friedman from Jack Thompson’s math class. Whenever we had a quiz, it seemed like Joey Seivold managed to miss it, with an orthodontist excuse. One morning, instead of turning in the quiz, Rick wrote:

There once was a student named Joe
Who never to math class would go.
He missed every assignment
For dental realignment
But was burned when he finally did show.

Rick remembered this poem, and said Jack Thompson wrote an epitaph on his quiz, “Yes, but he didn’t get a zeRO.”

reported by Brian Doud '82


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