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Jim Gieske '57

April 2024

Jimmy Gieskie passed away suddenly last August. After completing their training, Jimmy set up a surgical practice and wife Judi a pediatric practice in Easton, Maryland, where they lived their entire lives. By all reports, they were both revered in the community. Although Jimmy retired from his practice relatively early, he did not retire from life. He and Judi spent much time on their boat traveling to all parts of the world and volunteering in underserved countries. On a personal note, Jimmy and I were classmates at Calvert, Gilman, and Hopkins Medical School, as well as tent mates at Camp Wallula. Although we were geographically separated after we both left Baltimore, it would always feel like we'd known each other all our lives. Perhaps my fondest memory is attending Jim and Judi's wedding the summer of 1964 and witnessing the beginning of that beautiful lifelong relationship.

reported by Frank Gluck '57


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