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Jim Keesey '54


Jim Keesey tested my knowledge of geography by reporting that he lives in the same Oregon house “close to Lat 45 deg N.” That puts him about halfway between the equator and the north pole. In this age of polarized almost everything from politics to android vs. iOS to free child care etc., comfortably in the middle as Jim seems like a safe bet.

He admits that chess games with his granddaughter are “taking longer than before” and his ping pong games with his grandson now have a “predetermined outcome.” Congratulations, Jim. Sounds like you are a successful grandpop. His grim memories of “Uncle Ed’s” warnings about a feared McDonogh wrestler and Miles Marion’s (that forever West Pointer) daily quizzes also include a fond memory of our exuberant and intelligent and tragically too soon deceased classmate Walter Armor.

reported by David Woods '54


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