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Jim Robins '66


Luckily Barb and I were in Santa Fe, which is base camp, when it became obvious in March 2020 just how serious this virus was. So, we hunkered down and went nowhere. Not a bad place to get stuck, considering. Rural on 10 fenced acres and halfway up a mountain side with a crazy dog and at 7,400 feet above sea level. Our first trip was actually just last week, to see my late brother’s 8-year-old twins in San Diego and check on our house in La Jolla. My brother, Jere, 11 years younger, Park School ’77, passed away in January 2019 of a virulent and fast-moving cancer, so we’re doing our best to stay connected with his kids.

In spite of the headlines about how well New Mexico did with its vaccination program, it actually didn’t. We finally gave up, and went up the road two hours to Alamosa, Colorado, for Moderna #1 and, 28 days later, Moderna #2. ) We have several neighbors who actually drove to Amarillo, Texas, and back. Eleven hours, roundtrip. Ugh!

We’re headed to Iceland in August, with a stop first in Minneapolis to see Barb’s family. We’ll hit Chicago on the return to see how things are doing there. At least our place there is in a condo building with a full staff. I officially retired on 12/31/2017, so have been living the retired life. Boxing three times a week, active with some local philanthropics and general mischief making. Still keep an office at the Santa Fe airport where I can be around my pilot buds and get out of the house, but sold the business plane in early 2017 and my little aerobatic plane one year later.

Did quit drinking six months after our 50th Gilman reunion, so, just maybe, if we have a 60th, I remember some of it.


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