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Jim Scriba '77

May 2022

FAMILY UPDATE: No, I have not had any kids lately, but Debbie and I do have a couple of godchildren we see regularly. One struggles with schizophrenia and I cannot imagine families without the resources to support a kid like that. Tough stuff. The other two are doing well — one is an SE at Palo Alto networks (I did that) and the other is about as crunchy as one can be — she is an awesome kid.

Brooke is a yoga teacher, and now does teacher training with a focus on Trauma-Informed Yoga. Using yoga to overcome issues like eating disorders. My wife, Debbie, and I are well, and enjoying our small town, Sausalito. We both retired a number of years ago and stay busy. There is the Historical Society where I am the computer guy, managing an upcoming rescheduled fundraiser, and putting together exhibitions, etc. I am still trying to get my golf handicap down, we ski a lot, play on a bocce team, do yoga, and I volunteer with Sausalito Beautiful. Sausalito Beautiful’s goal is to assist the city in maintaining and improving its green spaces. I am the only guy on the bocce team and we just renamed ourselves “Belles and Balls.” You can see where I fit in. Debbie is active with church and the Sausalito women’s club.

CAREER UPDATE I packed it in a couple of years ago and now I volunteer and goof off. 

BINGE: Skiing, when there is snow, or sailing, when there is not. I have almost 100 races under my belt in the last five years or so. And yes, “Ozark” rocks. Just started watching “Inventing Anna,” Ruth Langhorne reimagined. Crazy story, although it gets redundant after a few episodes.

If you pass through Northern California and give me fair warning, I could be persuaded to take you for a sail around the bay. With the wind-induced fog in the summer it can be quite a ride. 


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