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John Burghardt '72


Hello, folks. I’ve been retired for five years now from my career of 10 years as a miner and mining engineer at Henderson Mine near Berthoud Pass, Colorado, and 28 years managing mining issues nationwide for the National Park Service as a mining engineer/geologist. In the last year, I had a nasty bout with COVID that put me in the ICU and rehab from 11/24/2020 to 01/19/2021 with double pneumonia and a gall bladder infection. Treatments included intubation, a ventilator for six weeks, induced coma for 15 days, tracheostomy, and a lot of rehab: pretty crazy but I’m almost back to 100% and expecting a full recovery. I have an RV and side-by-side and love to explore the desert country until the snow melts in Colorado, then I stay closer to home. In fact, I’m just back from Tucson and heading to Moab next week. I also enjoy doing some counseling through my church and mentoring through an outreach to at-risk teens in my mountain community. So, I’m back to living large and enjoying my renewed lease on life. I hope all is well with you!

BLM campsite with my RV and side-by-side near Moab


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