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John Clarke '83


I’ve been sitting at home in front of a computer for the past year! My wife, Susan, and I, and our kids, Eleanor (11) and Steele (about to turn 10), are all okay and holding up well. Susan I got our shots, and schools in our part of Connecticut have been in person since last September, so those things have been working in our favor. I saw Jake Hendrickson and his wife, Marty, last weekend, and they are doing well.


I’m living in New Canaan, Conn., and having a lot of family dinners these days with my wife, Susan, and our kids, Eleanor (10) and Steele (8). We are well and doing our best to hang in there. I still practice law with DLA Piper in N.Y., where I’ve been since 2003, handling securities class actions and other types of stockholder litigation. Usually, that involves quite a lot of travel, so being able to stay local has been a small silver lining arising from this period of social distancing. There are a lot more Gilman alumni than you might suspect around here, including Jake Hendrickson (who lives about five miles away) and, until recently, David Nelson (who pulled up stakes for Colorado.) In normal times, once in a while, Ric Ritter comes through New York and we all try to get together. I’m pleased to be in touch with those guys and several other classmates. Wishing all the best to everyone in the class of ’83 and their families and friends.


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