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John Gerhardt '61


Time is certainly hurrying by. COVID-19 and health issues are keeping me pretty much locked up. Sadly, Mo (his son), is under 24-hour care for his breathing issues. Ann and I feel fortunate we live next door. Ann is unbelievable with her daily care for him and her concern for me — dialysis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday — and now treatment for clogged arteries in both legs. To top it off, she is having a knee replacement.


John Gerhardt and his wife, Ann, have had a stressful year. In July, their son, Mo, was taken to the hospital and placed into ICU. According to John’s note in October, everything that could have gone wrong, did. Except Mo’s determination kept him going. After five months in the hospital, it seems that Mo, who has had muscular dystrophy since childhood, was released and is getting back to his job as the Michigan State women’s basketball radio color analyst (back in February). The cancellation of college sports certainly affected that, but it is great news that Mo is up and about.

reported by Bill Hardy '61


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