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John Jenkins '65


Let me start with John Jenkins, who was really replying to Dawson Farber, but since we haven’t heard from John in a while, I will pass on his news. John and his wife, Jean, live on Kent Island, and between them, they have three children and five grandchildren. John’s oldest daughter, Libby, married a classmate from the Naval Academy after they graduated in 1997. Libby spent 10 years in the Navy, and her husband, Mike, spent 20, and now live and work in McLean, Virginia. Their children, Jack, (heading to college), Rachel, and Claire are all musicians and played ‘Anchors Aweigh’ at Mike’s retirement from the Navy. John’s youngest daughter, Hayley, graduated from the College of Charleston in 2009 and then got her master’s in historic preservation from the School at the Art Institute of Chicago. John admits to wondering if there were jobs in that field, but reports that Hayley is running her own business in New Orleans and doing well. Jean’s daughter, Whitney, lives in Trappe, Maryland, raising two sons, Maddox and Watson. John says they enjoy watching Maddox play soccer and ice hockey.

After 41 years, John retired from Naval Station Annapolis, which has a boat yard that maintains more than 400 boats (12’ to 110’) that the Naval Academy uses for training. John started out running the sail loft, but eventually got into every aspect of the operation. Along the way, John started Jenkins Sails as a backup when faced with layoffs and base closures, which were avoided, and since retirement, John runs Jenkins Sails full time and still designs some one-design sails, but mostly he designs spec larger sails, which are built by contractors in Cleveland and Sri Lanka.

reported by William Baker '65


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