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John Lewis '60

May 2023

Greetings to all. I am still enjoying retirement in Bradenton, Florida, with woodworking, swimming, and orchids. I am living with my daughter, Brett, a CT (formerly CAT) scan technician. I have been fortunate to be in fair health in spite of 12 years with Parkinson’s. New things are pitching horseshoes (I am too weak to throw a 1-kg shoe 40 feet, so I enjoy it at 25 feet). Also I may be becoming a Tampa Bay Rays fan, though I am still loyal to the Birds who spring train in Sarasota. Also I am taking boxing lessons with a Parkinson’s group. Thanks to our Gilman rigor, some things don’t ever change. I cringe and sometimes assault people using Latin words such as datum and stadium incorrectly. I’m not equally rigorous with English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I look forward to reading all the notes. Best wishes to all. KWOOM


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