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John Purnell '76


Claire and I are both still working – force of habit, perhaps. I tell everyone I am 50% retired, 75% working, and still having issues with basic arithmetic! On the 75%, we continue to perform a lot of IT work for the State of Maryland and airports throughout the country. Lately, that has included Daytona Beach, where I am the program manager for their security system and IT upgrade, while rotating off the Annapolis Transportation Board. My 50% retired side includes being Vice President at Colonial Players. I am a WATCH judge for Annapolis Summer Garden Theater. WATCH is the Washington Area Community Theater Honors program in which each of 40 theaters in the D.C. area provides four adjudicators, each of whom see 10 productions and score them in roughly 20 categories (lights, acting, music, etc.) Between that, and three season subscriptions, I have tickets to some 25 shows each year. Claire says, "I’ll go to some, but not all, sweetheart!"

Claire is finishing her second year as President of the Garden Club of Olde Annapolis Towne and is gearing up for May Day. Her graphic design business is doing more and more books every year. Mary, who is married to Paul Hearding, lives in Rico, Colorado, with a cat, a dog, and no grandchildren (yet). Lizzie is living in Brooklyn with Zach Trahan and has no pets, nor grandchildren. That’s all OK – I am not in any kind of rush.


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