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John Seiler '53


John C. Seiler, or “Cotton” as his Cornell pals nicknamed him, and Harriett seem to be getting in their travel needs in spite of pandemic restrictions. I mean Christmas in Florida and a week or so in Maine ain’t chopped liver! Louisville is nice, but the Seiler ideal place to regularly vacation is Leland, Michigan. Located on Lake Michigan and not far from Traverse City, this is a “kick back and relax” sort of fishing village with wonderful shopping, good restaurants, and lots to do recreationally. Any conversation with John will include mention of his grandson at Sienna College with the 94mph fastball and a trail of big league scouts.


John Seiler filed a report from Louisville that the Derby Day that wasn’t forced what is usually a raucous weekend into deadsville. He and Harriett are hunkering down like good little law-abiding citizens with no hangovers to deal with.

reported by Pierre Bouscaren '53


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