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John Zouck '60

May 2023

In keeping with the latest craze I used the AI program chatGPT to write my note this year. After feeding it some basic facts this is what it came up with, telling it to make it funny. If you would exercise your great editorial skills, tell me if this flies: Class of 1960 alum, John Zouck, is still kicking and living his best life! He's been busy taking great courses in modern physics, which makes sense because he's still trying to figure out how to defy gravity and fly. On top of that, he's been unleashing his inner Picasso and creating masterpieces with his drawing skills. But let's not forget his calling as a Meals on Wheels delivery person in Mount Washington Valley. He's basically living out his dreams of becoming a food delivery driver and touring the countryside at the same time! Zouck’s still splitting his time between Maryland and New Hampshire, but no matter where he goes his boundless energy and sense of humor continue to inspire his fellow classmates.


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