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Jonathan Markham '98

May 2022

Jonathan Markham and crew are larger in number since Jon’s previous update. Anna (now 4) is hanging well with older sibs, James (10) and Alexandra (13). On the work front Jon continues to invest in undervalued biotech companies. Alongside colleagues at Ingalls and Snyder, he has proudly seen many investments mature from pre-clinical science experiments into real, life-saving products, specifically in the field of novel therapeutics. The progress in this work has been awesome, and Jon is grateful to have played a small role. Beyond biotech, Jon is adding to his real estate portfolio in and around Atlanta. In recent years he has branched into larger, more complex commercial deals, noting the thrill of adding value to otherwise unseen or unappreciated places. In his spare time, Jon has become an avid swimmer, logging one to two miles daily (too much, I say), often in open water. (If anyone is looking for a contemplative solitude that also keeps you in shape, Jon highly recommends swimming.)

reported by Chad Prather '98


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