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Jordan Angell '97


Jordan Angell continues to be a glowing light in the Baltimore community. He connects people he meets each and every day and builds bonds that will last a lifetime, not to be confused with what he does at his day job where he quite literally cuts ties. Jordan is a top urologist in Baltimore following in the footsteps of the late Dr. Fray F. Marshall, known for his banter in the operating room, development of surgical techniques to treat cancers and ability to call plays before they happen better than Tony Romo. #HeyBudde


Jordan Angell spends his time in the operating room at Chesapeake Urology, on the golf course working on his putts, or challenging his friends for money on his Peloton bike. He lives by Herb Brooks’ motto, “legs feed the wolf gentlemen.” He is staying involved on the alumni board at Gilman and enjoys his two boys and watching them grow up quickly. Jordan sees fellow alumni as much as he can!

reported by Will Lanahan '97


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