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Josh Gillelan '64


Allison and I, at a mere 27 years, are still in Prince George’s County, where the 200-acre farm across the road and down the hill has turned into fields full of McMansions on 1/6-acre lots and the colonial-era road, still only a lane and a half wide when I came here five months after law school, is now a by-passed cul-de-sac in “Country Club Acres” (though we’re free of the burden of “membership” in the homeowners association). Ready to be outta here (and outta any metro area) by mid-summer. Probably Chestertown (good tidewater, academic community, blue island). Daughter Hannah and great son-in-law Stephen, with the standard one of each, Irene and Tek, 15 and 12, live on a cove of the Magothy, and my mother’s still alive, in Easton, and three surviving sibs are still in Maryland too, so staying close. Sold our second (winter) house in the corner of New Orleans’s Garden District at the onset of COVID.

I haven’t entirely quit practicing law (another reason to stick with the state where I’m licensed, although I’ve had a total of one case that originated here), but I’m down to only a handful of long-term cases that approach having run their course and a very occasional 9th-Circuit case; otherwise accepting only the gravy — already-briefed cases referred to me to do 9th-Circuit oral arguments (“remotely” now). A dose of adrenalin every three or four months. Oh, and let’s see: MD Senior Olympics 2021 archery gold medalist, “barebow recurve” discipline, 75+ (don’t ask how many competitors I had to defeat...). Hope we’re all upright and mobile for our 60th reunion next year (joints are mostly worn out, stamina starting to crash; how long can the brain continue to function? Sorry to be a bit morbid, but we are 75…).


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