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Ken Volk '76


Ken Volk offered a proposal, in that “after reading the post from Frank Vecella living in Key West and New England, I was wondering, Frank, if you would consider divorcing your wife and marry me instead. If not, what about adopting me? I promise to clean my room and make my bed. Once again I apologize for flicking your ears when the teachers’ backs were turned when in Lower School.”

Ken acknowledged that “Margot and I still enjoy working as veterinarians, but am definitely starting to ponder life on the other side. Our older son and his wife provided us with our first grandchild three months ago. Our youngest and his wife are expecting in August. With both of them in Philadelphia and Margot’s family in Puerto Rico, perhaps that will be the change needed for us to pursue new things.”

Better stick with that plan, Ken, because Frank responded, “If it were any other classmate, I might consider your tempting proposal. But after 50 years of therapy, I’m still struggling with the whole ear-flicking thing.”

reported by John Wharton '76


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