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King Carter '65


I retired five years ago after a long career with the Asset Management Division of the investment firm, Raymond James. My wife, Sherry, who spent 12 years as a part-time nurse at Gilman, is retired as well, but still stays active as a substitute nurse for all the other private schools. Because I traveled for work, I was able to move back to Baltimore from Tampa a number of years ago. Our son, Will, was a 12-year man at Gilman, class of 2011. Our daughter, Virginia, graduated from Garrison Forest. Sherry’s son, Ryan, moved from the West Coast to join us, as well. All three have chosen to stay. Will and Virginia have weddings coming up. Ryan lives with his wife, Tina. I spend most of my time at our place in Ocean Pines, Maryland, with Sherry joining me, when she’s not working. We are blessed to have all the kids so close, but it certainly derailed our plans of long ago, to retire back down to Florida! No regrets though!


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