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King Hurlock '62


King lost his 57-year partner, Sherry Doeller (Bryn Mawr), suddenly in the fall 2019 from a virulent form of cancer, leaving two daughters and five grandchildren (ages 16-22); one daughter, a special ed teacher in Pennsylvania, has extensive experience in virtual learning (a gold star for 2020 into 2021); the other daughter gave up a promising business career to home-school her three boys to avoid the issues in the public school system; oldest grandson, Timothy, had many medical challenges since birth (“his records probably fill an entire file cabinet at Hopkins”) but is making a slow recovery, with risks still ahead. After a two-year teaching/coaching stint post-college, King returned to the investment world (where he had worked since the Fifth Form) and rose through the ranks in Connecticut, Boston, and Pennsylvania before returning to Baltimore in 1977; 10 years later, he started his own investment advisory and wealth management firm, which he sold in 2018 and finally retired last year. Not completely giving it up; however, King has an unregistered family office for his own interests and those of a dozen long-term clients. King’s 35-year mission has been involvement with a low-income senior housing complex in Hampden (a “tense situation given the COVID threat to seniors”), as well as teaching adult Biblical studies. As King puts it, “’retirement’ is merely a euphemism.” His sports at a younger age made King “an orthopedist dream with spinal fusion, total shoulder replacement, and two new knees — the bionic man.” Activity now is the basement gym, swimming, biking, and maintenance of his 3.5 acre spread in Monkton.

reported by Van Wolf '62


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