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Leon Sachs '85


Leon Sachs writes, “Despite the global tumult of 2021, not much has changed in my life. I still have one wife (same one), one daughter, two dogs and four bicycles. I’ve spent the last year on research leave from the University of Kentucky to write a book exploring the ‘theory of the classroom.’”

When pressed for details about his book, Leon agreed to share some themes with classmates. “The book project, provisionally titled ‘Rooms for Improvement,’ makes a case for renewing our commitment to the idea of the classroom as a discrete environment insulated from the real world,” he writes.

“For a citizenry to form, it needs a protected space in which individuals can safely and confidently converse with — and correct — one another in a leisurely, rational manner,” Leon continued. “Since I'm essentially a literature teacher and scholar, the book's main chapters examine how literary reading in a classroom fosters this kind of collaboration.”

He added, “My book is merely a starting point for reflecting on how ‘unreal’ spaces of learning are actually necessary for fostering the kinds of conversations that we need in an egalitarian democracy.” No word yet on an expected publication date.

reported by Ted Winstead '85


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